Language Trip to Sidmouth

This year the class 7R decided to go on a language trip to SIDMOUTH.

Here is a detailed travel report:


Arrival & departure

Our journey started on 17th October in St. Pölten. From there we went to Vienna Airport by train. After our flight to London, we had a four-hour bus ride to Sidmouth. During the ride, we saw the famous world heritage site “Stonehenge”. When we finally arrived in Sidmouth, the host families were already waiting and took us to their homes. After a week full of amazing experiences, we flew back home with a lot of lovely memories in our minds.


Location: Sidmouth

Sidmouth is a town located on the south coast of England. In this town, which has about 14.000 inhabitants, there are a lot of lovely shops, for example: a few book shops, an art shop and some others. If you are hungry, you can go to “The tasty baguette” where you can create your own special baguette or you get yourself some delicious fresh scones or bread from one of these nice bakeries. On sunny days walking along the pebble beach is a beautiful activity that includes a breath-taking view.


Host families

In the evening, we met our host families for the first time. All of us got a tour through the houses, where we already noticed the first differences to our homes, for example, the different windows and doors. We all had our own rooms and some of us also our own bathroom. Surprisingly, the houses were very clean and decorated in a lovely way. The families welcomed us very kindly and hosted us with great hospitality. For breakfast we had cereals and toast, and for dinner, the English cooked a big main course, like lasagne or sausages with different side dishes and also delicious desserts.


The language school

The language school we visited was very different from a regular day at our school. Everything was much more relaxed, and we had a lot of fun during classes. At the beginning, the teachers asked us what we wanted to learn about, so we talked about “Brexit”, jobs and typical British phrases. We were having a lot of discussions in pairs and got many helpful tips for pronunciation from our teachers. On the last school day, we had to give presentations about any topic we liked in front of the whole class.


Excursion to Bath

On Saturday we went to Bath by bus. After visiting “The Roman Baths”, we had some free time and discovered the city. Then we had a delicious lunch in an Italian restaurant and the group met again afterwards. When everybody had arrived at the meeting point, our guides Jordan and Anna showed us some sights of the beautiful city, for example the Royal Crescent, the Circus and the Royal Victorian Park. All in all, we enjoyed the excursion very much.


Afternoon activities

On Sunday we went to the Donkey Sanctuary, where donkeys who were rescued from different places from all over the world can live for the rest of their lives. On Monday we visited the Dartmoor National Park, where many wild ponies live, and we were going for a walk to see the breath-taking landscape. We also visited the city Exeter on Tuesday. After some shopping, we went bowling and then we had our pizza-night. On the last day, we drove to Beer and walked down to the beach along the Jurassic coast.



The best things about our trip were the daily trips to Bath, Exeter, Dartmoor and Jurassic Coast. We saw a lot of different places, met new people and got to know another culture. The benefits were that we were able to build a sense of community and that our English language skills improved. All in all, we can say that Sidmouth is a beautiful town and we had a fantastic week.